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Our Impact

Our Impact

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Our Impact

Growing Strong Neighborhoods in Cedar Rapids

Matthew 25 has been one of the fastest growing and most pioneering nonprofits in the Cedar Rapids community. We are unique in the way that we look strategically and holistically at multiple issues and address them through comprehensive initiatives. Over the years, we’ve created a variety of innovative programs and steadily developed a track record of success and fiscal responsibility, overseeing millions of dollars of investments in core neighborhoods.

In the last year…

$78,000+ Food given away

3,000+ People engaging in various food programs each month

116 Homes repaired

476 Tool loans made

121 Educational programs held

13,716 Volunteer hours invested

Stories of Impact

Image of Good Meals To Go, healthy meals for $5 or less in take out containers, available at the Cultivate Hope Corner Store

Good Meals To Go

While being treated for cancer, one of our Cultivate Hope Corner Store shoppers has been stocking up on our Good Meals To Go with every visit. She needs healthy food to strengthen her body during this process and was thrilled to discover that she can get a well-rounded meal at an affordable price, without the stress of shopping, planning and cooking.

“The main dishes are from $3-5 per meal, and you can’t make a meal that delicious for that amount of money. Not only that, the food was prepared so perfectly… I mean, I couldn’t do it that well, it was absolutely delectable! I just have to say that [the Good Meals To Go were] a God-send, it was an answer to our prayers because I’m very grateful that I have a place to stay, and I’m grateful that I can afford the food.”


Teri’s Angels

One of the homes we repaired through Transform belongs to a woman named Teri. She suffers from a brain tumor that has left her unable to work or take care of certain repairs and maintenance projects around her home. We had a volunteer team help her with some much-needed projects, including replacing damaged boards under her deck, sealing and staining the front stairs and back deck, replacing some interior folding doors, and moving the laundry door so it safely clears the laundry machines.

Teri was thrilled with the work and was incredibly thankful for everything that was done. She put up a “Thank You” sign on her front door so all of the volunteers working would see it. She had the volunteers sign a poster she made called “Teri’s Angels.” Her mother, SanDee, lives nearby and stops by regularly to check on and help Teri. SanDee said that having this work done has given Teri a lift and inspired her to take an interest in other areas of her home, such as wanting to hang pictures.


Introduce you to my friends

Recently at Groundswell Cafe, one of our regular Pay-it-Forward customers came in with her daughter, who she had not spent time with since 2020 due to a variety of difficult live circumstances. She was so happy to have a rare moment with her daughter, rebuilding a relationship, and wanted to bring her to Groundswell. She wanted to “introduce you to my friends.” She was beaming to share this experience with our staff, chat, and clearly felt community here.

Image showing roof repairs from derecho damange through Matthew 25 and the PATCH Program

A Safe Home for Our Children

A mother of two received some much needed derecho repair assistance through the PATCH program. We replaced her leaking roof, which was getting water into the children’s room and creating mold concerns. We also helped level the foundation and repair her siding, porch, stairs, and skirting. Additionally, we were able to build stairs that allowed her to get homeowners insurance, which she did not have before the storm and was therefore unable to get help from that or FEMA. Every bit of work on this home both created peace of mind and alleviated serious stress, but also created a safe environment for her family.

“I had reached out through FEMA and they were not that helpful, not even close to getting the repairs done. You guys (Matthew 25) came out and went above and beyond, and took the weight off of trying to figure out how to make this a safe home for our children.”