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Front Yard Club

Front Yard Club

Growing Community

Front Yard Club

To pair our vision of locally-grown healthy food with the desire to foster a sense of community, Matthew 25 facilitates the Front Yard Club, a group of neighbors in Time Check who pledge to promote a welcoming, inclusive, and safe neighborhood.

Making an effort to learn your neighbors’ names and give them a wave can bolster your sense of belonging and increase neighborliness. An increase in neighborliness can bring about a sense of mutual aid, with people watching out for each other and their properties. Plus, being out in the front yard or on the front porch provides a great way to interact with each other in a comfortable and safe way.

Take the Neighborliness Pledge now, and stay tuned for ways to be involved in Front Yard Club this year!

Past Initiatives:

Garden Beds
Gardening and sharing excess produce is a wonderful way to both grow fresh food and meet your neighbors. Matthew 25 provided cedar-built, above-ground garden beds and included compost from the Solid Waste Agency and plant starts grown on our Urban Farm.

Adirondack Chairs
Households received a set of two Adirondack chairs to bring people into their front yards and provide a low-maintenance way to connect with other neighbors by being outside.

Fruit Trees
In 2022, neighbors had the option of choosing a fruit tree for their front yard if they weren’t interested in gardening but wanted a way to produce food in their yard. While it will take patience and care before these trees start producing fruit, this is now an additional way food is grown in the Time Check neighborhood.

Meet Courtney!

Meet Courtney!

Community Building Director