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Quality Housing

Healthier Homes in Cedar Rapids

At Matthew 25, we know well-maintained, and affordable housing is essential for a healthy community. Through our volunteer efforts, partnerships, and programs, we strive to make quality housing a reality for Cedar Rapids residents.

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800+ Families helped through housing rehabs

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19 Quality rental units

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7,000+ Tool loans made

What We Do

Maintain a Healthy Home

Many tools are on shelves or hanging from the wall

Tool Library

When working on home improvement projects, tool rental from our Tool Library is an affordable alternative to a traditional hardware store. This collection of rental tools and supplies is available to everyone, regardless of what neighborhood you live in or your income level.

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A man works to make a window more energy efficient

Energy Audits & Home Weatherization

Did you know that LED light bulbs use 90% less energy and last up to 25x longer than typical incandescent bulbs? Learn how to reduce utility costs, use fewer natural resources, and make your home safer year-round by requesting a free energy audit or energy kit from our Green Iowa AmeriCorps team.

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What We Do

Our Home Repair Initiatives

Two volunteers carry items to help improve a home

Transform Week

For one week each year, Matthew 25 organizes hundreds of volunteers to help homeowners with home repair and maintenance projects they can’t complete on their own. Projects could include anything from window replacement and carpentry work, to painting and landscaping.

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A group of people work to repair broken and boarded up windows

PATCH Program

The Providing Assistance to Community Homeowners (PATCH) Program was created to bring disaster relief and emergency repair assistance to Cedar Rapids and Linn County homeowners following the 2020 derecho. If you are in need of help with derecho repairs, contact Waypoint at 319-366-7999.

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Rental Housing

Find Affordable Housing

Everyone should have access to safe, affordable housing.

We ensure our rentals in the Taylor and Time Check neighborhoods of Cedar Rapids are not only low-cost, but newly refurbished.

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To be added to our housing waitlist, contact:

Matthew 25
[email protected]

Latest news

Take a Look at What’s Happening

Check out what we’ve been up to lately and what’s coming soon. Learn about upcoming events and other ways to get involved.

visitors entering rental home


Transforming rental housing

Matthew 25 has completed renovations on a newly acquired rental home. The previous owners stopped by last week to see all the changes made to the property.

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Community Support Amid a Housing Crisis

The stress in housing bubbles up in unhealthy emotional ways and makes it a challenge to grow strong neighborhoods. As with all things Matthew 25 though, we are working on solutions.

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Manufactured Home Disaster Recovery Playbook

Matthew 25 uses lessons from the derecho and PATCH Program to compile a disaster recovery resource for use nation-wide

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Stories of Impact

Neighbors Helping Neighbors

A volunteer team finished some much-needed repairs for a neighbor with a brain tumor during our annual Transform Week. These repairs helped make the home livable and has inspired the homeowner to do more to make it feel like a home, including hanging up pictures.

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Stories of Impact

Derecho Repairs Help Home and Family

A mother of two received much-needed derecho repair assistance through the PATCH Program. Every bit of work on this home created peace of mind and alleviated serious stress, but also created a safe environment for her family.

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