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School Outreach

School Outreach

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Supporting local schools

School Outreach

Matthew 25 works directly with grades Pre K-5 in our core neighborhoods to allow students access to important lessons and experiences beyond the walls of their classrooms that translate into long-term life skills.

Lessons for each season of the school year


Since school starts during harvest season, students are introduced to the outdoor school garden, picking fruits and vegetables, and touring our Urban Farm


A little cold weather doesn’t stop these kids from growing food! Indoor hydroponics is the central platform for learning about nutrients, plant diversity, sustainability, and more.


As the ground starts to thaw, students start getting their hands dirty learning about plant lifecycles by planting seeds in the greenhouse and getting the outdoor garden ready for planting.

Partnership with Cedar River Academy

Currently, Matthew 25 works with Cedar River Academy at Taylor Elementary, focusing on cultivating student confidence, creativity, cooperation and contribution, while introducing concepts around seasonality, sustainability, and diversity. Various hands-on lessons take place through:

Sustainability Lab & Hydroponic Towers

Hydroponic wall system and three rolling hydroponic towers to facilitate indoor growing education

Outdoor School Garden

Outdoor space used in spring and fall to show planting and harvesting of local produce


Introduction to how seeds turn into plants that produce food

Composting Bins

Benefits of composting and how it can deliver nutrients to the soil while decreasing the amount of garbage going to landfills

Our Education Team is open to exploring how we can work with other Cedar Rapids elementary schools! Reach out to learn more.