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New Homes

New Homes


Healthy Homes for People, Neighborhoods and the Earth

The cornerstone of every neighborhood is housing. Matthew 25 builds new housing in unique, seasoned neighborhoods with character. Our homes seek to blend affordability, beauty, sustainability and health.

We seek home purchasers who want to connect with others and build a meaningful life. We believe in the core neighborhoods of Cedar Rapids and we work with others who want to be part of building a vibrant, caring community with plenty of places to grow, work and play. Contact us if you want to learn more about available homes.

New Homes in Time Check

Matthew 25 is working to revitalize the Time Check neighborhood with healthy, future-focused housing that serves both people and the planet. Homes will be:

  • Built on vacant lots leftover from the flood of 2008
  • Designed and built using sustainable building practices
  • Furnished with energy efficient heating and cooling systems and appliances
  • Designed with front porches and yards that encourage community building among neighbors
Sketched image of new homes
We will be partnering with local developers and using a variety of funding streams to fill the gap between affordability, market pricing, and building costs.

At Matthew 25, we know that a diverse community that includes a multitude of housing options for people at a variety of income levels is the healthiest place to live. Contact us if you’re interested in learning more or purchasing one of the homes we’re building in the Time Check neighborhood.