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Talent Investors

Talent Investors


Talent Investors

Talent Investors are the heart and soul of Matthew 25. We couldn’t do the creative, forward-thinking work that we do without the foundational support given by these dedicated supporters. Members of the Talent Investors society include those who have made an annual gift of $500 or more, have included Matthew 25 in their will or estate plan, or have served on a Matthew 25 board or committee. We honor this generosity with an annual Talent Investors event.

Why Talent Investors?

In the 25th chapter of the Biblical book, Matthew, there is a story about investing talents. Talents were another name for money at that time. Three people are given talents. Two invest and multiply the talents. One buries them in a hole and hides them. The person who gave out the talents is happy with the two that invested and very unhappy with the one who didn’t. The next part of this chapter talks about the need for faithful people to invest their talents in overlooked people and places.

We decided to name our giving society “Talent Investors” because it’s filled with people and organizations who have decided to invest in overlooked people and places in Cedar Rapids through the work of Matthew 25. By helping people on the margins to address their essential needs, such as food and housing, our Talent Investors are also investing in the talents and skills of the neighbors we serve and giving them a chance to chase their dreams.

Join us!

If you would like to be a part of the Talent Investors society, you can give a total of $500 or more in a year, let us know that you’ve included Matthew 25 in your will or estate plan, or contact us to discuss potential committee involvement. If you would like to attend this year’s Talent Investors event in the fall, please make your gift before October 1 so we can include you on the invitation list.