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July 27, 2022 | Stories of Impact

Neighbors Helping Neighbors

A volunteer team finished some much-needed repairs for a neighbor with a brain tumor during our annual Transform Week. These repairs helped make the home livable, and has inspired the homeowner to do more to make it feel like a home, including hanging up pictures.


One of the homes we repaired through Transform belongs to a woman named Teri. She suffers from a brain tumor that has left her unable to work or take care of certain repairs and maintenance projects around her home. We had a volunteer team help her with some much-needed projects, including replacing damaged boards under her deck, sealing and staining the front stairs and back deck, replacing some interior folding doors, and moving the laundry door so it safely clears the laundry machines.

Teri was thrilled with the work and was incredibly thankful for everything that was done. She put up a “Thank You” sign on her front door so all of the volunteers working would see it. She had the volunteers sign a poster she made called “Teri’s Angels.” Her mother, SanDee, lives nearby and stops by regularly to check on and help Teri. SanDee said that having this work done has given Teri a lift and inspired her to take an interest in other areas of her home, such as wanting to hang pictures.