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February 9, 2023 | Stories of Impact

Healthy Food During Cancer Treatments

While being treated for cancer, one of our Cultivate Hope Corner Store shoppers has been stocking up on our Good Meals To Go with every visit. She needs healthy food to strengthen her body during this process and was thrilled to discover that she can get a well-rounded meal at an affordable price, without the stress of shopping, planning and cooking.

Image of Good Meals To Go, healthy meals for $5 or less in take out containers, available at the Cultivate Hope Corner Store
Last week, we had a Cultivate Hope Corner Store shopper share her story and a glowing review of the Good Meals To Go program, where a full, healthy meal is available for $5 or less.
This shopper is currently being treated for cancer in the Cedar Rapids area and is staying with her daughter during treatment since she lives more than an hour away. Her doctors and nurses suggested more whole foods and vegetables to strengthen her body during this process, so her daughter was looking on the internet for healthy meals when she found the Cultivate Hope Corner Store.
She soon discovered that for an affordable price, she could get a well-rounded, healthy meal every night without having the stress of shopping, planning and cooking.
“We can well afford having a delicious meal, each one of us, for a nominal price,” she said. “The main dishes are from $3-5 per meal, and you can’t make a meal that delicious for that amount of money. Not only that, the food was prepared so perfectly… I mean, I couldn’t do it that well, it was absolutely delectable!”
Almost all of this customer’s dinners these past few weeks have been from the Good Meals To Go program, and she’s brought many friends to visit and shop at the Corner Store.
“I just have to say that [the Good Meals To Go were] a God-send, it was an answer to our prayers because I’m very grateful that I have a place to stay, and I’m grateful that I can afford the food.”
Good Meals To Go are available daily at the Cultivate Hope Corner Store for anyone who would like a fresh, healthy meal without needing to cook. The Corner Store is located at 604 Ellis Blvd. NW in Cedar Rapids, and is open from 8 am-8 pm, Monday-Saturday.