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Ways to Help

Ways to Help

Ways to help

Get Involved

Supporting the Corner Store’s Mission

There are a variety of ways you can get involved and support the Corner Store in our mission to promote food equity and break down the barriers that stand between people and healthy eating.

Shop Here

In order to make this unique grocery model sustainable, we need customers at all income levels and from all parts of town. The neighborhood surrounding the store doesn’t have a large enough population to keep it going by itself, so having customers from other neighborhoods is essential. Plus, we want this to be a store that’s truly for EVERYONE, regardless of income level. Doing just 10% of your usual grocery shopping at the Corner Store can make a huge difference, allowing us to turn over more products, keep produce and meat fresh, and provide delicious lunch specials and Good Meals To Go.

Donate Produce

If your garden is producing an abundance of food, we would love to accept your fresh produce donations for our Free Produce section! Simply drop it off at the Corner Store anytime during our open hours, 9 am-7 pm, Monday-Saturday.

While nonperishable food donations are important and helpful for the community, we do not accept donations of cans, boxes, or other dry good items. There are many other wonderful organizations that will accept these donations – for the most up-to-date information, click Food Resources on the Linn County Community Resources page.

Classes and Workshops

Are you (or someone you know) an expert on topics related to food, nutrition, wellness, or cooking? We would love to have you share your knowledge by teaching a workshop or sharing recipes with our customers. We host classes such as food preservation, shopping on a budget, nutrition information, or other food-related topics. Contact us to get involved or learn more.


We are always looking for new individuals and groups to volunteer to cook for our Good Meals To Go program. Even if you have only basic kitchen skills, you can help cook and assemble these healthy and affordable meals. They are prepared daily in the Groundswell Cafe prep room before being sold at the Corner Store as a healthy alternative to fast food meals. As an added bonus, you’ll learn a new recipe or two!

Visit our Volunteer page or contact us to learn more about volunteer opportunities at the Corner Store.

Donate Funds

As a nonprofit, donated funds are an important part of keeping the store going. When shopping, you can round up your total at the register or add an extra donation for our Pay-it-Forward Fund. This fund supports our Free Produce section, where anyone can take what is available, no questions asked. You can also give to the Corner Store online or mail a check made out to Matthew 25 with “Corner Store” in the memo to: Matthew 25, 201 3rd Ave SW, Cedar Rapids, IA 52404.