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Let Us Help With Dinner!

The overall goal of the Cultivate Hope Corner Store is to break down the barriers that stand between people and healthier eating. If you’re having trouble stretching your grocery budget, visit the Free Produce section of our store, where you can take what you need, no questions asked. If you lack the time to prepare fresh meals, pick up a hot rotisserie chicken on your way home or try some of our delicious Good Meals To Go for $3-5. If you lack experience in using fresh produce or cooking healthier meals, come to one of our workshops or try one of our recipes below.


Need some ideas for upcoming dinners, or unsure how to use some of the unique produce we offer? We work to provide shoppers with recipes using items you can find at the Corner Store. We also have a knowledgeable staff that love cooking food at home – ask one of them what their favorite recipe is or what they’ve recently made for dinner!

Download these recipes to learn how to make something new: